About Us

Local Gyms Directory is the first in Singapore to provide a wide variety of services that are not traditionally provided by normal directories. At Local Gyms Directory, you will break away from the daily grind of life as you work out in style. Once you are here, you will be able to enjoy free range of workouts and exercises as well as locations of gyms available in Singapore that caters to your specific needs. At Local Gyms Directory, you will get to enjoy programs that accelerate you and your family towards achieving equilibrium in health and fitness.

One cannot ask for a more uplifting environment to find workout and exercises. Local Gyms Directory was conceptualised by the collective desire and interest of a group of people who felt that there was a strong need to redefine the fitness industry. We believe that a well-crafted and comprehensively designed fitness program has the potential to change lives for the better.

5-Star Services

Local Gym Directory provides first class personalised services in a range of areas that are traditionally not cared for by other normal directories. These include:

Workout instruction and tips.
Exercise instruction and tips.
Local gyms directory that is convenient to your needs
What We Do?

We leverage on  the latest diagnostic tools to ease stressful minds and bring the body back to equilibrium. We create a holistic fitness and wellness program that provides a quick fix for busy city dwellers with a fast paced lifestyle and little time to recharge. This program will help you to not only get lean and fit but also to recharge, regenerate at a cellular level, alleviate pain and stress and rejuvenate by naturally spiking the release of anti-aging hormones in the body. This completely personalised program is the first of its kind in the world and aims at total wellness.

The Training System

Local Gyms Directory’s is certified and trained to create the perfect fitness regimen for you. Local Gyms Directory spent time to research and develop new program to suit different categories of individuals that need specialised conditioning and fitness beyond the physical self. The Training System offers an in-depth personal training system, with emphasis on correcting postural and muscular imbalances. This is a common problem most city-dwellers suffer due to prolonged usage of desktops and laptops in a high-stress living environment.